Tiny Media Manager 3 Full Version Free Download for windows

Tiny Media Manager 3:

Small Media Manager is a media management tool written in Java and Swing. Written to provide metadata for XBOX Media Center. Because it is written in Java, TinyMedia Manager will run on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS and possibly more OS. TineMedia Manager is free to use. If you appreciate all the efforts that have come into this application, consider a donation. While neither expected nor needed, it is much appreciated.

Tiny Media Manager 3 Full Version Free Download for windows

Tiny Media Manager 3 License Key Full Version Free Download

Description :

Small Media Manager has changed; you are not able to upgrade directly to the current version of Teny Media Manager. Small Media Manager offers you a guided upgrade to v3 (automatic downloads/patches and electronic transfer of your data source), but you will have to reset all your settings. After adding some data sources, you will let the TinyMedia Manager find these media for new media by clicking the “Update Data Sources” button in the main idea. This process will take some time until TinyMedia Media Manager analyzes the entire structure of the folder below the data source and adds all the content found in its internal database. At the bottom right of the Tiny Media Media Manager window, you see the progress of importing media. After the completion of this step, TinyMedia Manager has imported the meta-data file with each detected file and found the presence of NFO files in its internal database. After introducing the media into your database, you can search the metadata on the Internet by selecting the movie / TV show and clicking on the “Search & Scraper” button in the theme. After that, a new dialogue opens, a search is started with the preferred media scraper, and the search result is presented to the user. After selecting the right search results, Tiny Media Manager downloads all the preferred metadata, chooses the bottom of the search window, and stores it in NFO files for further use Media Center Importing or re-importing as in TinyMedia Manager after a new setup.

Overview :

Tiny Media Manager the freedom to filter movies using a diverse set of criteria, such as gender, certificate, year, missing metadata, missing artwork, without subtitles, new films, and copies. When it comes to layout, you can view items in ascending or descending order and by title, year, rating, runtime, or video bitrate. Search options are also included in the feature list. Tiny Media Manager lets you manually edit metadata, generate XBMC and MP compatible NFOs, import NFOs, rename movie files and folders, and update media information for selected movies.


  • New layout and layout better use of available space.
  • Especially for low screen devices.
  • Flexible and configurable tables.
  • Better filters included and special filters.
  • Improved UI scaling on higher dpi screens.
  • Dark Added a dark theme.
  • Name Completely rewrite the renaming engine.
  • Fully NFO Analysis and Writing Writing now more flexible.
  • Easy translation now via weblate.org
  • Java increased to 8+ in the required Java version’s ability to mix lost episodes.
  • Preset in shared media hub settings.
  • Many additions under the hood.

Crack :

  • Configure data sources.
  • After you first start TinyMedia Manager, you need to do some basic setup.
  • At the top of the TinyMedia Manager window, navigate to the settings dialog.
  • The settings dialog is divided into three sections.
  • Section General section The General section settings include.
  • Movie section This section has all movie-related settings for tinyMediaManager.
  • TV Show section This section contains all the TV show settings for tinyMediaManager.
  • All you need to do is go to the required module settings.
  • Movies or TV shows button above and adds a new data source.
  • Where video files Resistant) need to be added.
  • Module’s You can adjust the excavation settings scraper tab.
  • She was preferred to metadata providers and language.
  • Close the settings dialog, and you’re ready to import the media into TinyMedia Manager.


  • Multi-OS support.
  • TinyMediaManager is designed to run on Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX.
  • Automatic updates.
  • TinyMedia Manager has an integrated update system.
  • Command-line support.
  • TinyMediaManager supports command line arguments.
  • With this function, you can call TinyMedia Manager functions from other tools.
  • Compose metadata.
  • Tiny Media Manager gets all the necessary metadata for your movies and more.
  • Get artwork
  • Artists such as Fanart, Poster, Clarett, Desert, and Logos.
  • Get the trailer.

Highly Compressed:

TinyMedia Manager can download your movies for you from numerous online websites, such as Movie Database (TMDB), IMDB, OFDB, Zillowide, and Movie Meter. You can check details about the original title, genre, runtime, production, spoken languages, plots, crew, cast, media data (such as video, audio, subtitles), and media files. The utility downloads multiple images so you can choose the artwork you want. Besides, you can add local photos to your movies. You can download a list of trailers available for your films, as well as open containers in your web browser, through the Movie Database

Product Keys:

  • W3E-45R6Y7U8-I90P0O9
  • 8YT5-RE32W3E5-T67U9O

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