CleanMyPC 1.10.6 Crack 2020 With Serial Key Free Download

CleanMyPC 1.10.6 Crack 2020 With Serial Key Free


CleanMyPC 1.10.6 Crack 2020 With Serial Key Free Download

CleanMyPC: A Review of Its Features and Benefits

So we’ve taken a look at what the offers and how you can get your hands on it, and now I’ll run through each of the eight tools that it provides to see what benefits it can bring in PC.

PC Cleanup

We’ll start with the main selling point of this cleaning program, its file cleanup tool. I was surprised to find that, having not done a scan for a few weeks, CleanMyPC found just over 1GB more unneeded files to delete than CCleaner did – around 2.5GB of cache, temp, and memory files in total. CCleaner does give you the option of seeing exactly which files have been found and flagged for deletion, something which the MacPaw program lacks, but there’s no denying that CleanMyPC does a thorough search of your hard drive. As a nice added touch, you can also set a size limit on your recycle bin through CleanMyPC, flagging it to automatically empty if it gets too full. Even in the options menu is the choice to allow the cleaning of attached USB devices, saving you space on your USB drives and external HDDs. The cleanup process is as simple as can be, with just a “scan”, and a “clean” button is all that stands between users and plenty of reclaimed disk space. The scan and clean were quick too, both on SSDs and HDDs, and the checkbox list of discovered items gives some control over what files you delete.

Registry Cleaner

Just as with the cleaning application, CleanMyPC become visible to be much more thorough in its search for registry “issues” to fix than CCleaner was, finding 112 in total. At the same time, Piriform’s software identified just seven. once more, the scan was simple to run and quick to complete. The vast majority of issues identified by these two programs–and any others I’ve ever tried, for that matter–are issues which users would never have noticed, however. Hence, it’s difficult to assess the effect that a quick registry cleanup like this might have on your PC. Still, it’s reassuring that MacPaw has made their tool so thorough in performing its duties.


CleanMyPC’s Uninstaller function comes in two parts. First, it runs the selected program’s uninstaller, the one that the developer built. Then it runs CleanMyPC’s service to tidy up the files and extensions typically left behind by the uninstallation process. It’s unlikely that you’ll regain much disk space from a function like this. In my experience, it’s usually just empty folders left behind or registry associations. It could, though, help to keep everything organised and structured on your disk and avoid any registry issues in the future. This process was quick and straightforward, so I see no reason not to use it if you don’t trust a program’s built-in uninstaller to remove every last hint of itself.


The program’s built-in extension manager is a tool for removing wasted browser extensions and Windows gadgets, displaying a list of each extension enabled in all of the browsers installed on your PC. With the click, any extension can be uninstalled in seconds. Perhaps it’s not useful for most users, but it might be a lifesaver for those whose browsers are cluttered with multiple add-ons or those who want to clean various browsers at once. It could also be handy if your browser or an extension is either corrupted or infected with malware. Often malicious or corrupted extensions and add-ons will prevent the browser from being opened or remove your ability to uninstall the offending item, and CleanMyPC might be an excellent way to work around that.


Staying on top of run-at-startup programs is a simple way of keeping your PC dashing, and slow boot-up times are one of the biggest complaints that people often have with older PCs that haven’t been looked after. Quite often, multiple programs can be added to the startup list without users realizing it, which adds seconds of boot-up time with no real benefit to the user. Managing which programs run when you start Windows is a relatively simple process without making use of any additional software. The one thing I would like to see in future versions is a way to add to your list of startup programs. once more, it is something which can be done manually outside of CleanMyPC, but it would be a nice touch to be able to both add and remove programs in one place.


CleanMyPC 1.10.6 Crack 2020 With Serial Key Free Download



The privacy tab allows you to manage what information is stored of your installed browsers, with the option to individually clear caches, saved history, sessions, and cookie information from each one. It’s something that could be managed manually with the options built into each browser, but CleanMyPC’s interface offers a quick and straightforward way to manage them all at once. It’s a worthwhile thing to have if you’re giving your entire PC a refresh.


The ultimate tool in MacPaw’s suite is the “shredder”, a method of securely erasing files and folders from your computer that you want to be unrecoverable. Designed with sensitive information in mind, like financial records or password files, Shredder deletes the files you select and then overwrites them up to three times to ensure that they can’t be brought back. There are other tools out there that do the same job.


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