Clean Mail Server With License Key Free Download

Clean Mail Server:

The Clean Mail Server is part of the free antispam and antispy tools sub-categories, security, and privacy categories. This app is currently available in English. Our mailboxes are prone to spam messages, no matter how hard we try to provide our email addresses on suspicious websites. If you need to strengthen the security features of the mail server, this can help. This gives you the possibility to set up powerful antispam filters and effective antivirus measures. Its integrated POP3 connector will download your messages from the POS3 server, filter them and send them to your SMTP server. You can set up multiple connectors and proxies with their filtering features.

Clean Mail Server With License Key Free Download:

Clean Mail Server With License Key Free Download


Honest Mail Server includes a comprehensive set of filters, including an integrated blocker, Remote Blacklist Filter, and the complete Windows build of the award-winning, open-source spam filter. This claim combines antivirus package and, besides, helps all the widespread virus checkers to protect you from all kinds of email virus attacks. With it, you have online access to view real-time statistics charts and reports, using a web browser, or using its admin application. The data available online includes spam stats, mail logs (a list of incoming Mail, which consists of the article, sender and recipient address), and ranking of spam hosts. Additional features include limiting traffic (to protect your mail service from directory crop attacks and mail backscatter), Mail archiving (handling suspicious messages, or fulfilling legal or regulatory obligations), and email. Notification of (reporting of conditions that require administrator attention). Its highly versatile filter pipeline provides an open interface that allows custom mail filters to be integrated, such as email rating tools, automated mail processing, or server-based email encryption. It is available as freeware for personal and non-commercial use. There are many trade licenses available, offering exceptional pricing for a low price. Maintenance and renewal of license purchases are up to 12 months. Renewal licenses are available at a discount. Discover communities or nonprofit organizations for special discounts.


Clean Mail Server is specially designed for server-based antispam protection. If you want to filter your messages on the same computer, you should check out Clean Mail Home. The applications are the same, and you can install them in seconds. Clean Mail Server works on all server versions as well as all versions of Windows 2000 and above. It is also compatible with any mail server program, including MS exchange.

Highly Compressed:

The Clean Mail Server comes with a tabbed interface, where you can find traffic statistics, event logs, reports, email messages, and configure your antispam and antivirus protection measures. You have to create some initial configurations when launching. This is the first time. You must select a configuration type, such as POP3 to SMTP connector, POP3 transparency proxy, or SMTP transparency proxy. Depending on your choice, a helper will guide you through different procedures.


Clean Mail Server configure and configure additional POP3 connectors and proxies as well as SMTP proxies. Connectors and proxies are listed on the Configuration tab. The software lets you add one or more filters to individual proxies and contacts. This allows you to choose from a variety of filters for attachments, fingerprints, viruses, and you can add trademarks filters to blacklist and whitelist filters, spam traps, or clean Mail.


  • It can create and configure multiple filters for individual connectors and proxies.
  • The software can block or delete incoming messages based on the sender’s address or domain.
  • Attachment extension.
  • The Clean Mail Server is compatible with multiple Windows versions.
  • Provides support for any mail server software.


  • There are no obvious things to clarify.
  • Thanks to the smart mail server’s intelligent capabilities,
  • This mail server will be protected from any spam messages or viruses.

What do you get?

  • Spam Highly efficient and accurate spam filters.
  • Mail The primary platform for monitoring your mail flow.
  • Access to a highly qualified support team to help diagnose delivery issues.
  • Get active support when dealing with mail flow.


Clean Mail Server is configured with the help of a helper. You can type in specific items that you want to block, such as email addresses or patterns, such as domain names, special characters, file extensions, and so on. Besides, you can select an action for paused items, such as accepting and delivering them, marking or deleting them as spam. All filters are quite easy to configure, and, in some cases, when you start the configuration process, you want to go through advanced or simpler settings.

Product Keys:

  • 98u7y-6t54r3w2w3e-45t6y78i9o0p
  • o9i8u-7y6543w23e4r-t6y7ui9o09i8
  • u7y6t5-r43ewe4r5t6y-7u8iu7y6t54


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